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In this game you play as a young girl, kidnapped and taken to a strange place underground. Despite its cozy appearance, it clearly hides something sinister. Explore the bunker and interact with various things - find a way to escape!


Move your character with the WASD keys.
Look around with the mouse.
Hold SHIFT to sprint, or press LEFT CTRL to crouch.

If you come upon an object that glows, press E to interact with it.
Sometimes you will collect items. They will be added to your inventory. Press I to view and inspect your current items (press I again to return to the game), or use the mouse wheel to cycle between them.
Try using items from your inventory on objects in the level! (E key with an item selected)

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run "captivity.exe". No installation is required. Make sure to check out "README.txt" to learn the controls!


Captivity_v1.0.zip 267 MB


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played your game in an indie romp. Some good puzzles in there! I hope you enjoy the video

The game seems awesome but  i dont know if it is a glitch or somthing but it wont let me open the closet doors no matter what i do, im going to reinstall it and see if that works.

ya i dont know whats wrong i cant even get past it! i keep on clicking yet nothing happens...

We had a fun and TENSE time playing this game. One of us was definitely more creeped out than the other. Nice work. <3

Nice game. Loved the spooky and disturbing atmosphere.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

(spanish playthrough) i liked the game :D i think adding more spooks into it would make it better. keep up the amazing  good work!

Excellent game! Reminded me a lot of Hello Neighbor, and it’s remarkable how well it performs. I’d love to see what a full experience would be like. Great work! 


This guys feet must be massive judging by his sandals! 

The puzzles confused and enraged me.

A very "Hello Neighbor" type of look but with a very disturbing story. The graphics were fantastic tho and you never knew if someone was about. The sound was good but maybe needed a few more squeaks or footsteps here and there just to get the heart beating a bit more. Puzzles were excellent and not too hard. All ran very smoothly and overall a superb game. Great job to everyone involved. Something to be very proud of.. :)


Thanks for the video and kind words! We really appreciate it!

Cool game. Could use a spook or 2 and some ambiance. 

Thanks! Regarding spooks we had actually planned to include the kidnapper as an enemy character, but unfortunately we ran out of time to fully implement him. Maybe in a future update, though?

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(Your game is the first in the video)

Well this was certainly a disturbing little romp. 

I adore the visual style you have going here, the lack of music, and the absolute lack of any actual "scares" aside from the situation and the context clues lying around (this is the first time I've included a content warning simply due to implications). So congrats on that.

My main issue here lies with the puzzles. Now, in an of themselves, the puzzles and the clues are fine, everything you need to solve it is there... somewhere. But I do feel like some of it is a bit obtuse. I ended up bruteforcing the lock when I had 3 out of 4 symbols figured out, because I simply could not for the life of me remember or find where on Earth I had seen the supposed fourth one. And even then, one of the symbols (behind the closet) I found by complete accident more than by exploring.

Similarly, and this is just as much my own fault for having a tendency to overthink puzzles (I blame Silent Hill), the portrait puzzle seemed to send me on wild goose chases. While I get that the word on the fridge and the color of one letter isj ust supposed to lead your mind to the portraits themselves, they made me think they were referring to th ORDER the frames had to go in - rather than just do the logical thing immediately and put them in chronological order. I feel like it could be a little clearer which clues are actually... clues, here and there. But again, this is most likely more my own fault than yours.

Aside from that, and the lack of a "real" ending aside from a white scren, this was an excellently spooky performance wrapped in a wonderful art style. Great work.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I have to admit, the amount of people that are getting through the exit by bruteforcing the lock is concerning, haha. I don't blame any player for taking that option but we really oughta have thought of a way to counteract that...!

Regarding the letters on the fridge, without giving away the solution, that clue pertains to an entirely different puzzle, not the portraits! But I understand how you could have gotten confused. And the abundance of red herrings (i.e. fake clues) was not intentional, but it's a bit unfortunate!

We're glad you had a good time all things considered. And thank you for the video!

good game

Thank you very much for the video! :) 

This is a creepy little game... I liked it.  I like the puzzles and the subtle clues were well done, and the atmosphere is great.  


Thank you! Seems you took a bit to understand that you could scroll through your items, that's our bad for not making it very apparent. Sorry!

That's alright, it didn't take long to figure that out.  


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thanks for the video!

Good puzzles and quite the disturbing Hello Neighbor-esque visual style and feeling. :)


Hey, thank you so much! We're glad you liked it. Regarding Hello Neighbor you're not that far off, as it was one of the inspirations!